Make an an app to do a marker-based AR


  1. If you want to install a sample app, here is an .apk file (. Try opening the link on your phone.
  2. In the video tutorial I forgot to tune the light to the city block scene.
  3. Here's a quick look at what I ended up making:
  4. Here's the full tutorial:


  1. Install the Unity game engine
  2. Install the Vuforia AR Extension
  3. Compile an image into a target using the Vuforia Target Manager. You will have to make an account with vuforia.
  4. Download the target unity package

Make a scene

  1. Create a new project
  2. Replace the Main Camera with an ARCamera (Qualcomm Augemented Reality Prefab) asset
  3. Add an ImageTarget to the scene
  4. Assign the ImageTarget's
    "Image Target Behavior" -> Data Set
    "Image Target Behavior" -> Image Target
    to your target
  5. In the ARCamera "Data Set Load Behavior" make sure you load your "data set" (target) and make it active.
  6. Build your scene using assets from the Unity Asset store or other things that you create
  7. Very important: Create an occlusion object so that the marker appears to actually be in the scene
  8. Here are some back-up instructions if you want some more detail.

Test your scene

  1. If you hit the play button in Unity, the AR scene should work with a web camera

Export your scene to an Android project

  1. Unity -> File -> Build Settings
  2. "Add Current" to Scenes in Build
  3. Select Android
  4. Select Google Android Project
  5. That will export a Google Android Project
  6. Import that project into the ADT version of Eclipse and run it like you did your previous Android project
  7. If you get weird problems, try making a new Android workspace


  1. You may work in groups of 1-3


  1. Submit to the EEE dropbox, pdf files or others as appropriate:
    1. The members of your group
    2. A short description of your scene and things we should notice
    3. Submit a still screen shot scene of your scene executing
    4. Submit an .apk file so we can run your app
    5. Submit your marker image or hand deliver a marker to us
  2. Evaluate your group using this quiz.


  1. You will be graded on submitting a working apk and each of the above documents
  2. To get an A, you should have a rich scene with lights, and a animation (particle filter is fine)
  3. To get a B, you would have a working version with a model you just dropped in place.
  4. To get a C, you would have turned in something broken in various ways or missing documents we asked for