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Efficient Reasoning In Graphical Models Dissertation
Submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor Of Philosophy in Information and Computer Science Irina Rish(irinar@ics.uci.edu)
Automated reasoning is a field of artificial intelligence concerned with answering queries and drawing new conclusions from previously stored knowledge. It includes many areas such as theorem-proving, game playing, propositional satis ability, constraint satisfaction, planning, scheduling, probabilistic inference and decision-making. This dissertation is focused on reasoning in graphical frameworks such as constraint and belief networks, where domain knowledge is represented by a graph depicting variables as nodes and dependencies (e.g., propositional clauses, constraints, probabilities, and utilities) as edges. Some reasoning tasks can be formulated as combinatorial optimization or constraint satisfaction problems, while others can be viewed as knowledge compilation, or inference. We approach those tasks using a general graph-based algorithmic framework that combines a dynamic-programming technique called variable elimination with backtracking search, and investigate the effect of problem structure on the performance of such algorithms.

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