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Publications & Technical Reports

Mini-bucket Elimination with Moment Matching

Natalia Flerova, Alexander Ihler, Rina Dechter and Lars Otten

We investigate a hybrid of two styles of algorithms for deriving bounds for optimization tasks over graphical models: non-iterative message-passing schemes exploiting variable duplication to reduce cluster sizes (e.g. MBE) and iterative methods that re-parameterize the problem’s functions aiming to produce good bounds even if functions are processed independently (e.g. MPLP). In this work we combine both ideas, augmentingMBE with re-parameterization,which we call MBE with Moment Matching (MBE-MM). The results of preliminary empirical evaluations show the clear promise of the hybrid scheme over its individual components (e.g., pureMBE and pure MPLP).Most significantly, we demonstrate the potential of the new bounds in improving the power of mechanically generated heuristics for branch and bound search.