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Publications & Technical Reports

Join-Graph Propagation Algorithms

Robert Mateescu, Kalev Kask, Vibhav Gogate, and Rina Dechter

The paper investigates parameterized approximate message-passing schemes that are based on bounded inference and are inspired by Pearl’s belief propagation algorithm (BP). We start with the bounded inference mini-clustering algorithm and then move to the iterative scheme called Iterative Join-Graph Propagation (IJGP), that combines both iteration and bounded inference. The algorithm IJGP belongs to the class of Generalized Belief Propagation algorithms, a framework that allowed connections with approximate algorithms from statistical physics and is shown empirically to surpass the performance of mini-clustering and belief propagation, as well as a number of other state-of-the-art algorithms on several classes of networks. We also provide insight into the accuracy of IBP and IJGP by relating these algorithms to well known classes of constraint propagation schemes.