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ICS-275B Fall 2002, Network-Based Reasoning - Belief Networks

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Koller Handouts

Bucket Elimination: A Unifying Framework for Probabilistic Inference

Slides on Bucket-Tree Elimination

Belief Propagation In A Bucket-Tree

Bucket-Tree Elimination for Automated Reasoning

Dechter, R., "Mini-Buckets: A General Scheme For Approximating Inference", To appear in Journal of the ACM, 2003.

[R67] PostScript | PDF
Dechter, R., and I. Rish, "On The Impact Of Causal Independence" An ICS Technical Report, October 1998.

[R99] PostScript | PDF
Robert Mateescu, Rina Dechter, Kalev Kask. "Tree Approximation for Belief Updating", In proceedings of AAAI-2002, forthcoming.

[R101] PostScript PDF
Rina Dechter, Kalev Kask and Robert Mateescu. "Iterative Join-Graph Propagation", In proceeding of Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2002), pp. 128-136.

Powerpoint slides on Approximate Algorithms for Belief Updating

A tutorial on learning with bayesian networks PS

Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filtering for Fault Diagnosis PDF

An Introduction to Hidden Markov Models and Bayesian Networks PDF

[R102] Abstract | PostScript | PDF
Bozhena Bidyuk, and Rina Dechter. "Rao-Blackwellised sampling for Bayesian networks", UCI technical report, February, 2002.