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ICS-270A, Intorduction to Artificial Intelligence, Winter 2003
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Project in AI Planning

The following are relevant links to recent papers in planning.
  • The AI planning conference in 2002 (AIPS-2002): click here
  • List of AIPS-2002 accepted papers: click here

Additional selected recent papers:


  1. Planning as Branch and Bound and its Relation to Constraint-based Approaches
    H. Geffner
  2. H. Palacios and H. Geffner, "Planning as Branch and Bound: A Constraint Programming Implementation", XVIII Latin-American Conference on Informatics (CLEI-2002), Montevideo, Uruguay, Nov. 2002.
  3. J. Rintanen, J. Hoffmann, "An Overview of Recent Algorithms for AI Planning", Künstliche Intelligenz, Volume 2/01, 2001.
  4. J. Hoffmann, B. Nebel, "The FF Planning System: Fast Plan Generation Through Heuristic Search", Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Volume 14, 2001, Pages 253 - 302.
  5. (*) J. Hoffmann, H. Geffner, "Branching Matters: Alternative Branching in Graphplan", to appear in: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, Trento, Italy, July 2003.
  6. P. Bertoli and A. Cimatti and M. Roveri, "Heuristic Search + Symbolic Model Checking = Efficient Conformant Planning", Proceedings of the 17th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-2001), pages 467-472.
  7. B. Bonet and H. Geffner, "RTDP: Improving the Convergence of Real-time Dynamic Programming", Proceedings of ICAPS-03
  8. (*) Bacchusd, Ron Petrick, and Sensing, "A Knowledge Based Approach to Planning with incomplete Information", AIPS-2002--best paper.
  9. Local Search Topology in Planning Benchmarks: A theoretical analysis by Jorge Hoffmann.
  10. (*) Riley and Veloso, "Planning for distributed execution through use of probablity opponent models", AIPS-2002.

List of accepted papers

107 Structure and Complexity in Planning with Unary Operators Domshlak Carmel,Department of Computer Science
Ronen Brafman; Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
112 On Control Knowledge Acquisition by Exploiting Human-Computer Interaction Aler, Ricardo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Daniel Borrajo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,
114 Symbolic Pattern Databases in Heuristic Search Planning Edelkamp, Stefan,Computer Science Institut;
115 The FAR-OFF system: A Heuristic Search Case-Based Planning Tonidandel, Flavio,University of Sao Paulo
Marcio Rillo ; University of Sao Paulo
118 Plan Representation for Robotic Agents Beetz, Michael, K,Department of Computer Science IX
124 Local Search Topology in Planning Benchmarks: A Theoretical Analysis Hoffmann, Joerg,University Freiburg;
130 Extending the Exploitation of Symmetries in Planning Fox, Maria,University of Durham, UK
Derek Long ; University of Durham
131 Filtering Algorithms for Batch Processing with Sequence Dependent Setup Times Vilim, Petr,Charles University;
Bartak, Roman ; Charles University;
134 Execution Monitoring with Quantitative Temporal Dynamic Bayesian Networks Colbry, Dirk, J,University of Michigan
Bart Peintner; University of Michigan
Martha E. Pollack,University of Michigan
135 Applying Domain Analysis Techniques for Domain-Dependent Control in TALplanner Kvarnström, Jonas,Linköping University, Sweden
137 Universal Quantification in a Constraint-Based Planner Golden, Keith,NASA Ames Research Center
Jeremy Frank; NASA Ames Research Center
138 A Plan-Based Personalized Cognitive Orthotic McCarthy, Colleen E,University of Pittsburgh
Martha Pollack; University of Michigan
139 Decidability and Undecidability Results for Planning with Numerical State Variables Helmert, Malte,Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg;
143 An Interactive Method for Inducing Operator Descriptions McCluskey, T, L,School of Computing and Mathematics;
Richardson,N,E ; The University of Huddersfield
Simpson,R,M ; The University of Huddersfield
146 Active Coordination of Distributed Human Planners Myers, Karen, L.,Artificial Intelligence Center
Peter A. Jarvis, SRI International
Thomas J. Lee, SRI International,
149 CaMeL: Learning Methods for HTN Planning Okhtay Ilghami,University of Maryland
Dana Nau ; University of Maryland
Hector Munoz-Avila ; Lehigh University
David Aha ; Naval Research Laboratory
152 On the Role of Ground Actions in Refinement Planning Younes, Hakan, L,Carnegie Mellon University
Reid Simmons; Carnegie Mellon University
153 Estimated-Regression Planning for Interactions with Web Services McDermott, Drew V.,Yale University;
155 Faster Probabilistic Planning Through More Efficient Stochastic Satisfiability Problem Encodings Majercik, Stephen M.,Bowdoin College
Andrew P. Rusczek ; Bowdoin College
157 Speculative Execution for Information Gathering Plans Barish, Greg,University of Southern California / Information Sciences Institute
Craig A. Knoblock; University of Southern California / Information Sciences Institute
164 Fragment-based Conformant Planning Kurien, James A,Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
P. Pandurang Nayak; Stratify, Inc.
David E. Smith; NASA Ames Research Center
166 Improving Heuristics for Planning as Search in Belief Space Bertoli, Piergiorgio,IRST - Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica
Alessandro Cimatti; IRST
169 LPG: A Planner Based on Local Search for Planning Graphs with Action Costs Gerevini, Alfonso,Università di Brescia, Dipartimento di Elettronica per l'Automazione
Ivan Serina; DEA, Università di Brescia
170 On the Identification and Use of Hierarchical Resources in Planning and Scheduling Bernd Schattenberg,Dept. of Artificial Intelligence
Susanne Biundo; Dept. of Artificial Intelligence, University of Ulm
172 Constraint model-based planning and scheduling with multiple resources and complex collaboration schema Jean-Clair Poncet,Axlog Ingénierie
Guettier Christophe ; Xerox Palo Alto Research Center Bertand Allo ; Axlog Ingénierie
Vincent Legendre ; Axlog Ingénierie
Nelly Strady-Lécubin ; Axlog Ingénierire
175 Partially Observable Planning as Backward Search with BDDs Rintanen, Jussi, T,Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
181 Analyzing Plans with Conditional Effects Winner, Elly,Computer Science Department
Manuela Veloso; Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University
183 Planning for Distributed Execution Through Use of Riley, Patrick F.,Computer Science Department
Manuela Veloso ; Carnegie Mellon University
186 The Logic of Reachability Smith, David E.,NASA Ames Research Center;
Ari Jonsson ; RIACS
187 Heuristic Search-Based Replanning Koenig, Sven,College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
David Furcy; Georgia Institute of Technology
Colin Bauer; Georgia Institute of Technology
188 A Knowledge-Based Approach to Planning with Incomplete Information and Sensing Bacchus, Fahiem,University of Toronto
Ronald Petrick ; University of Toronto
190 Planning Graph-based Heuristics for Cost-sensitive Temporal Planning Do, Minh B.,Arizona State University, The United States
Subbarao Kambhampati; Arizona State University