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1857 & 1869

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    hal-fran@erols.com             (Kathy Herman), 
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Subject: Saros Resources

Dear All,

I am sorry for the delay in my response, thanks for your patience. I have 
obtained 1857 and 1869 census returns from Saros County via the archives 
in Presov. They are similar and rich in genealogical data. I wrote to the 
archives telling them how much I would like to spend and the fact that 
I was interested in the census records from Lenartov, Malcov, and Obrucna, 
for any Millers (Mullers). I asked them to respond by airmail (boat takes 
a long time). They also have other vital records from 1852 to present. The 
address is 

Statny Oblastny Archiv v Presove
080 06 Presov - Nizna Sebastova 
Slanska ul. 33

I am guessing that for birth, marriage, and death records for Saros 
county, you have viewed the microfilms available through the LDS' 
(Mormon's) Family History Centers. If you did not, please view the part of 
my website that deals with this at

I know of a woman, Faigy Spitzer, not on the internet, researching Szammet 
from Saros County. This would probably interest you, Kathy. I will contact 
her if you like. By the way, I also have Szammet's in my tree, from Malcov 
and also Galicia.

Some other addresses for vital records in Saros:
The local archive in Bardejov:
Statny Okresny archiv 
085 01 Bardejov 
Klastorska 22

The local archive in Sabinov (has other vital records for Malcov and 
Statny Okresny archiv 
080 01 Bardejov 
Slovenska ul. c 40

There is also an archiv in Zborov:
Matrika Zborov
Matrikarka: Maria Slosarcikova
Obvodni Urad Bardejov
086 33 Zborov

Perhaps we can all share info or at least look out for one another, kind 
of like an unofficial SIG for Saros County. If anybody has more thoughts 
on this please let me know.


Miller Tree
I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

My home address is
           1374 East 28th Street
           Brooklyn NY 11210-5311

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