The Miller Family; Maps

Currently, the maps that I have scanned in take up a tremendous amount of disk space. This translates into a very long transmission time over the 'net. I am working on shrinking their sizes, as is evident by some of the small files below. If you have any small map images, please let me know.

Currently, these are the available maps:
General Map of Europe(8k)
Large General Map of Eastern Europe(147k)
Map of Galicia and its Surroundings (232k)
General Map of Poland (241k)
Very General Map of Slovakia (3k)
General Map of Slovakia and Surrounding Countries(9k)
Detailed Map of Slovakia(12k)
Detailed Map of Northern Slovakia and the part of Poland that borders on it(77k)
Detailed Map of Northeastern Slovakia and the part of Poland that borders on it(7k)
Detailed Map of Northeastern Slovakia; Around Bardejov and the part of Poland that borders on it(4k)
Saros County in Northern Slovakia; Bardejov Region (15k)
Saros County in Northern Slovakia; Detailed View (220k)
Bereg County in North Western Ukraine; Includes Mukachevo and Tiszakerecseny (225k)
Greater Przemysl Area Map (Galicia, Poland) (10k)
Przemysl Area Map (Galicia, Poland) (6k)
Detailed Map of Zhuravno, Ukraine (9k)
Map of Zhuravno, Ukraine (33k)

I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

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