Social Security Death Index for the Langsam Family

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As of April 2002 Index

NameBornDiedResidenceLast BenefitSSNIssuing StateIssued
ABRAHAM LANGSAM2 May 1902Mar 197411201 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)123-05-7672New YorkBefore 1951
ABRAHAM LANGSAM5 Mar 191223 Jan 1975 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)119-22-7483New YorkBefore 1951
ADELE LANGSAM7 Oct 1907Apr 198433154 (Miami, Dade, FL) (No Location Given)474-22-0635MinnesotaBefore 1951
ADOLPH LANGSAM27 Jun 1884Aug 196811224 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)073-22-9417New YorkBefore 1951
ALBERT LANGSAM1 Aug 192028 Mar 199211372 (Flushing, NY) (No Location Given)054-09-5755New YorkBefore 1951
ALEX LANGSAM4 Mar 1904Apr 1959 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)062-10-2395New YorkBefore 1951
ALEXANDER LANGSAM22 Oct 190731 Jan 200006902 Stamford, Fairfield, CT (No Location Given)097-05-1167097Before 1951
ANN LANGSAM1 Apr 1910Jun 197594122 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (No Location Given)559-50-5498California1954
ANNA LANGSAM2 May 1897Mar 198390005 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA)90046 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA)059-05-7559New YorkBefore 1951
ANNA LANGSAM25 Dec 189316 Jun 198933908 (Fort Myers, Lee, FL) (No Location Given)057-52-5382New York1973
ANNETTE LANGSAM29 May 19091 Mar 199710804 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)063-34-5029New York 
ARTHUR LANGSAM10 Dec 1908Aug 198433154 (Miami, Dade, FL) (No Location Given)468-05-5920MinnesotaBefore 1951
AUGUSTA LANGSAM5 Mar 190714 Jun 200006830 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT (No Location Given)111-36-4284New York1962
BEATRICE LANGSAM4 Dec 1906Jul 198533141 (Miami, Dade, FL) (No Location Given)053-01-6437New YorkBefore 1951
BEATRICE LANGSAM9 Nov 19122 Dec 1990 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)302-38-6671OhioBetween 1960 and 1961
BENJAMIN LANGSAM2 Jul 1891Feb 196811717 (Brentwood, Suffolk, NY) (No Location Given)083-42-9673New York1966
BENJAMIN LANGSAM17 Dec 1904Feb 198110552 (Mount Vernon, Westchester, NY) (No Location Given)078-20-4666New YorkBefore 1951
BERNARD LANGSAM11 Oct 19132 Apr 199533019 (Hallandale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)085-28-7386New YorkBetween 1952 and 1953
BERTHA LANGSAM12 Dec 1894May 196811203 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)108-28-6549New YorkBetween 1952 and 1954
BESS LANGSAM28 Sep 1906Feb 197611414 (Jamaica, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)115-36-9337New York1962
BESSIE LANGSAM19 Jan 1894Jul 198311559 (Lawrence, NY) (No Location Given)054-09-8934New YorkBefore 1951
BLUMA LANGSAM13 Apr 189615 Oct 198711224 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)063-09-3328New York 
CHARLES LANGSAM6 Jun 1911Feb 198530328 (Atlanta, De Kalb, GA) (No Location Given)294-30-8285OhioBetween 1951 and 1952
DAVID LANGSAM10 Feb 1881Jan 1963 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)340-28-7419IllinoisBetween 1951 and 1952
DAVID LANGSAM27 Nov 1900Oct 1963 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)101-36-5036New York1961
DAVID LANGSAM20 Dec 1880Sep 197211234 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)083-30-9787New YorkBetween 1954 and 1956
DAVID LANGSAM16 Apr 1909Jul 197492683 (Fountain Valley, Orange, CA) (No Location Given)103-07-1205New YorkBefore 1951
DOROTHY LANGSAM5 Oct 1912Jan 198106840 (New Canaan, Fairfield, CT) (No Location Given)084-03-3175New YorkBefore 1951
DOROTHY LANGSAM11 Oct 19139 May 199310475 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)068-05-2745New YorkBefore 1951
E LANGSAM31 Jan 195515 Jan 1993(No Location Given) (No Location Given)115-48-3109New York 
EDWARD LANGSAM6 Nov 1906Jul 198610011 (New York City, New York, NY) (No Location Given)066-14-0676New YorkBefore 1951
ELAINE LANGSAM25 Dec 19121 Apr 199380206 (Denver, CO) (No Location Given)349-01-4501IllinoisBefore 1951
ELIAS LANGSAM30 Apr 19135 Jan 200111369 East Elmhurst, Queens, NY (No Location Given)083-01-3741083Before 1951
ESTELLE LANGSAM27 Oct 1910Jul 197911235 (Brooklyn, NY)11235 (Brooklyn, NY)121-20-9200New YorkBefore 1951
ESTELLE LANGSAM25 May 19172 Aug 199733442 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)261-14-9936Florida  
ESTHER LANGSAM9 Jun 1894Jun 197010033 (New York City, New York, NY) (No Location Given)058-38-8162New York1963
ESTHER LANGSAM28 Aug 1905Feb 199310552 (Mount Vernon, Westchester, NY) (No Location Given)127-10-0224New YorkBefore 1951
EUGENE LANGSAM2 May 192916 Sep 199811559 Lawrence, Nassau, NY (No Location Given)115-18-7331New YorkBefore 1951
EUGENIA LANGSAM30 Oct 1917Nov 198333319 (Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)115-48-9037New YorkBetween 1970 and 1971
EVELYN LANGSAM9 Apr 1902Mar 197490048 (West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)111-03-0667New YorkBefore 1951
FANNIE LANGSAM2 Jun 1889Nov 197811234 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)126-52-9365New York1972
FANNIE LANGSAM15 Jul 1891Jun 198111691 (Far Rockaway, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)068-52-3374New York1973
FLORENCE LANGSAM1 Jan 1895Sep 197890046 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)552-21-1577California1973
FRANCES LANGSAM22 May 19025 Dec 199406029 (Vernon Rockville, Tolland, CT) (No Location Given)098-09-3243New YorkBefore 1951
FRANCES LANGSAM9 Jun 190822 Sep 199694116 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (No Location Given)546-74-3839California1963
FRED LANGSAM22 Jun 1911Sep 1973 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)092-14-4783New YorkBefore 1951
FRED LANGSAM25 Sep 191726 Feb 2001 94928 Rohnert Park, Sonoma, CA (No Location Given)114-05-6351New YorkBefore 1951
FRIEDA LANGSAM14 Dec 1895May 198210475 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)086-38-9156New York1963
G GEOFFREY LANGSAM14 Jan 191426 Apr 199505746 (Gaysville, VT) (No Location Given)434-46-7271LouisianaBefore 1951
GERTRUDE LANGSAM1 Oct 1903Jun 198410462 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)090-09-0026New YorkBefore 1951
GOLDIE LANGSAM15 Dec 1893Sep 197310467 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)081-03-2931New YorkBefore 1951
GUSSIE LANGSAM25 Feb 1905Nov 199219115 (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA) (No Location Given)176-28-7039PennsylvaniaBetween 1951 and 1953
HAROLD LANGSAM16 Sep 1918Feb 1971 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)130-05-1020New YorkBefore 1951
HARRY LANGSAM26 Jan 1892May 196711230 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)053-03-6135New YorkBefore 1951
HARRY LANGSAM2 Jul 1894Jan 197111432 (Jamaica, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)109-10-2807New YorkBefore 1951
HARRY LANGSAM15 Jan 1890May 197112202 (Albany, NY) (No Location Given)064-16-3992New YorkBefore 1951
HARRY LANGSAM20 Oct 1906Nov 197819152 (Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA) (No Location Given)162-30-8682PennsylvaniaBetween 1953 and 1955
HARRY LANGSAM15 May 1897Apr 198711219 (Brooklyn, NY) (No Location Given)068-05-5414New YorkBefore 1951
HATTIE LANGSAM21 Aug 1908Jul 198692683 (Fountain Valley, Orange, CA) (No Location Given)056-01-2619New YorkBefore 1951
HELEN LANGSAM15 Jul 1907Feb 1979 (No Location Given)94121 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA)552-44-2333CaliforniaBefore 1951
HELEN LANGSAM5 Nov 1906Jun 198733019 (Hallandale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)102-32-8008New YorkBetween 1957 and 1959
HELEN LANGSAM25 Feb 191428 Sep 199960015 Deerfield, Lake, IL60015 Deerfield, Lake, IL340-28-7325IllinoisBetween 1951 and 1952
HELEN LANGSAM23 Jul 19094 May 200106604 Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT (No Location Given)090-10-4556090Before 1951
HERMAN LANGSAM18 Dec 1912Jun 197311219 (Brooklyn, NY) (No Location Given)085-28-4931New YorkBetween 1952 and 1953
HERSCH LANGSAM10 Feb 1887Sep 197811355 (Flushing, Queens, NY)10024 (New York City, New York, NY)083-01-7484New YorkBefore 1951
HILDA LANGSAM23 May 190713 Apr 1991 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)323-32-9163Illinois1955
HYMAN LANGSAM3 Mar 1908Jul 198090069 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)094-12-0975New YorkBefore 1951
IDA LANGSAM26 Apr 1911Feb 198394109 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (No Location Given)572-21-8959California1973
IRVING LANGSAM12 Mar 1901Jan 196807047 (West New York, Hudson, NJ) (No Location Given)064-09-6918New YorkBefore 1951
IRVING LANGSAM19 Oct 1896Sep 198110467 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)063-10-2993New YorkBefore 1951
IRVING LANGSAM11 Oct 19003 Jul 1991 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)561-03-0267CaliforniaBefore 1951
ISIDORE LANGSAM25 Dec 1877Aug 1963 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)090-07-4843New YorkBefore 1951
ISIDORE LANGSAM25 Dec 1888Oct 196711598 (Cedarhurst, Nassau, NY) (No Location Given)082-01-4169New YorkBefore 1951
ISIDORE LANGSAM6 Jun 1908Oct 196711225 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)109-30-8079New YorkBetween 1955 and 1956
ISIDORE LANGSAM8 Jul 1888Jul 197910462 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY)10530 (Scarsdale, Westchester, NY)110-07-8215New YorkBefore 1951
ISRAEL LANGSAM14 Apr 190614 Mar 199785712 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)102-07-7717New York 
IVA LANGSAM24 Jun 19251 Feb 198811379 (Flushing, NY) (No Location Given)105-34-3916New YorkBetween 1960 and 1961
JACK LANGSAM22 Dec 1911Jun 1971 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)067-10-0509New YorkBefore 1951
JACK LANGSAM10 Oct 1899Aug 198006905 (Stamford, Fairfield, CT)06905 (Stamford, Fairfield, CT)061-03-2961New YorkBefore 1951
JACK LANGSAM12 Apr 1910Feb 198111229 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)11229 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)052-10-3426New YorkBefore 1951
JACK LANGSAM8 May 19022 Oct 199594102 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (No Location Given)561-38-3244CaliforniaBefore 1951
JACK LANGSAM3 Nov 191513 Feb 200133442 Deerfield Beach, Broward, FL (No Location Given)050-09-5558050Before 1951
JACOB LANGSAM8 Nov 1890Sep 196911427 (Jamaica, NY) (No Location Given)117-28-9068New YorkBetween 1952 and 1954
JACOB LANGSAM12 Oct 1884Mar 197121201 (Baltimore, Baltimore, MD) (No Location Given)063-12-6539New YorkBefore 1951
JACOB LANGSAM25 Dec 1898Jan 198511218 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)120-26-0402New York1951
JEANNETTE LANGSAM3 Mar 1914Sep 197911229 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)082-18-8072New YorkBefore 1951
JOSEPH LANGSAM25 Jun 189920 Jun 200010021 New York, New York, NY (No Location Given)082-05-6395082Before 1951
JOSHUA LANGSAM6 Oct 1901Oct 198011203 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)11236 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)116-28-0577New YorkBetween 1952 and 1954
JULIA LANGSAM14 Mar 1901Jan 198310013 (New York City, New York, NY) (No Location Given)059-14-3242New YorkBefore 1951
JULIA LANGSAM23 Apr 1905Aug 198445202 (Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH) (No Location Given)271-56-1621Ohio1970
LEA LANGSAM5 May 192715 Aug 199633160 (Miami, Dade, FL) (No Location Given)122-34-1298New YorkBetween 1960 and 1961
LEE LANGSAM27 Mar 191820 Jan 200092128 San Diego, San Diego, CA (No Location Given)092-07-3030092Before 1951
LESTER LANGSAM4 May 190814 Sep 199310462 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)051-05-4343New YorkBefore 1951
LILLIAN LANGSAM23 May 1892Mar 197611225 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)089-24-4278New YorkBefore 1951
LILLIAN LANGSAM27 Dec 190724 May 199433313 (Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)093-07-2314New YorkBefore 1951
LOUIS LANGSAM1 Oct 1900Aug 198210013 (New York City, New York, NY) (No Location Given)111-05-9084New YorkBefore 1951
LOUIS LANGSAM16 Dec 190822 Jun 199211229 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)100-05-3372New YorkBefore 1951
LOUIS LANGSAM23 Dec 194015 Mar 200090740 Seal Beach, Orange, CACalifornia560-58-5801New York1959
MADELINE LANGSAM30 Jun 1946Sep 1982 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)080-36-8627New York1962
MANDEL LANGSAM28 Dec 1896Aug 198160076 (Skokie, Cook, IL) (No Location Given)355-28-6738IllinoisBetween 1951 and 1953
MANUEL LANGSAM22 Apr 1882Oct 1963 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)064-09-1261New YorkBefore 1951
MARCIA LANGSAM6 Jun 194716 Feb 200072 (No Location Given)064-09-12610621963
MARILYN LANGSAM20 Nov 1912Dec 198590069 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)548-44-5262CaliforniaBefore 1951
MARK LANGSAM15 Sep 1900Jul 198690402 (Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)551-44-6578CaliforniaBefore 1951
MARSHA LANGSAM28 Jul 191414 Aug 200010530 Hartsdale, Westchester, NY (No Location Given)086-07-7955086Before 1951
MARTIN LANGSAM18 Dec 1911Nov 198433009 (Hallandale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)118-36-6800New York1962
MARTIN LANGSAM16 Jun 19267 Mar 199707747 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)067-18-2866New York 
MARY LANGSAM22 Apr 1897Aug 197911435 (Jamaica, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)051-52-7082New York1973
MARY LANGSAM15 Dec 191115 Jan 199110011 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)089-20-7031New York 
MAURICE LANGSAM26 Mar 1902Jul 198292037 (La Jolla, San Diego, CA) (No Location Given)109-36-4659New York1962
MAX LANGSAM10 Apr 1915Jul 198711375 (Flushing, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)099-10-5711New YorkBefore 1951
MEYER LANGSAM3 Apr 1910Apr 198311215 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)11219 (Brooklyn, NY)085-28-4972New YorkBetween 1952 and 1953
MILDRED LANGSAM9 May 19037 Mar 198810011 (New York City, New York, NY) (No Location Given)091-26-4287New York1951
MILTON LANGSAM25 Apr 1914Jun 1961 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)112-18-7950New YorkBefore 1951
MILTON LANGSAM25 Dec 19217 Mar 199533321 (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (No Location Given)067-18-4453New YorkBefore 1951
MINNIE LANGSAM10 Dec 1883Jan 197933154 (Miami, Dade, FL) (No Location Given)262-43-0181Florida1973
MOLLY LANGSAM20 Nov 1906Nov 197911050 (Port Washington, Nassau, NY)11354 (Flushing, NY)052-03-0629New YorkBefore 1951
MOLLY LANGSAM18 Mar 1889Feb 198210805 (New Rochelle, Westchester, NY) (No Location Given)060-52-9528New York1973
MORDECAI LANGSAM22 Jun 1888Jan 198310025 (New York, NY) (No Location Given)054-30-6634New YorkBetween 1953 and 1955
MORRIS LANGSAM1 Jun 1913May 197411372 (Flushing, NY) (No Location Given)100-05-3375New YorkBefore 1951
MORRIS LANGSAM18 Oct 1902Jan 198211561 (Long Beach, NY) (No Location Given)063-01-7403New YorkBefore 1951
MORRIS LANGSAM10 Oct 1898Jan 198494122 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (No Location Given)545-05-6396CaliforniaBefore 1951
MORRIS LANGSAM4 Mar 1894Jul 198590036 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)086-05-4345New YorkBefore 1951
MOSES LANGSAM6 Jun 1895Jun 198411219 (Brooklyn, NY)11204 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)077-26-2898New York1951
MOSES LANGSAM17 Oct 191324 Mar 199410977 (New City, Rockland, NY) (No Location Given)091-26-9574New York1951
MURIEL LANGSAM20 Jun 1921Aug 1977 (No Location Given)11232 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)054-14-8766New YorkBefore 1951
MURRAY LANGSAM17 May 1911May 198210462 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)078-36-0750New York1962
N LANGSAM15 May 1948Dec 1996 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)107-40-5823New York 
NATHAN LANGSAM11 May 187715 Jan 196610452 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)061-42-8547New York 
NATHAN LANGSAM21 Nov 1897Feb 1963 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)081-03-1825New YorkBefore 1951
NATHAN LANGSAM28 Jan 1903Aug 197311226 (Brooklyn, NY) (No Location Given)074-32-5820New YorkBetween 1956 and 1957
NATHAN LANGSAM25 Mar 190528 Dec 198711218 Brooklyn, Kings, NY11218 Brooklyn, Kings, NY072-34-4239New YorkBetween 1959 and 1960
NATHAN LANGSAM20 Mar 1908Oct 197185003 (Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ) (No Location Given)082-01-5092New YorkBefore 1951
NATHAN LANGSAM2 Aug 19202 Jan 200211230 Brooklyn, Kings, NY 068-12-4629New YorkBefore 1951
NATHANIEL LANGSAM3 Mar 1901Nov 198511229 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)11229 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)088-28-6295New YorkBetween 1951 and 1953
PAUL LANGSAM10 Jan 1897Sep 198690035 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)139-01-8207New JerseyBefore 1951
PAUL LANGSAM12 May 191020 Nov 199633068 (Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)095-16-1972New YorkBefore 1951
PEARL LANGSAM12 Apr 1900Jan 197410452 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)104-30-2926New YorkBetween 1955 and 1956
PERLA LANGSAM6 Nov 1910Feb 198711219 (Brooklyn, NY) (No Location Given)122-30-1964New YorkBetween 1955 and 1956
PHILIP LANGSAM2 May 1898Oct 1963 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)547-38-3740CaliforniaBefore 1951
PHILIP LANGSAM7 Nov 1895Dec 197908540 (Princeton, Mercer, NJ)11557 (Hewlett, Nassau, NY)130-20-7904New YorkBefore 1951
RACHEL LANGSAM24 Jan 1887Jun 197710025 (New York, NY)10025 (New York, NY)112-20-8246New YorkBefore 1951
RALPH LANGSAM19 Feb 1911Mar 1973 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)109-07-0476New YorkBefore 1951
RECHUMA LANGSAM6 Oct 1897Oct 196911365 (Flushing, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)083-34-9128New YorkBetween 1959 and 1960
REGA LANGSAM21 Sep 1911Dec 198411414 (Jamaica, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)068-52-7697New York1973
RHODA LANGSAM15 Feb 1910Jan 199011218 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)11218 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY)053-07-3713New YorkBefore 1951
ROBERT LANGSAM25 Aug 1902Apr 197390046 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)083-09-7264New YorkBefore 1951
ROSALIND LANGSAM15 Feb 190828 Apr 199411104 (Long Island City, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)109-32-0659New YorkBetween 1957 and 1959
ROSE LANGSAM20 Mar 1884Sep 1963 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)303-44-5864IndianaBetween 1958 and 1959
ROSE LANGSAM31 Dec 1886Jun 196810701 (Yonkers, NY) (No Location Given)121-09-7540New YorkBefore 1951
ROSE LANGSAM5 May 1908Aug 197411427 (Jamaica, NY) (No Location Given)053-01-4389New YorkBefore 1951
ROSE LANGSAM15 Oct 1901Aug 198294112 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (No Location Given)567-22-1782CaliforniaBefore 1951
ROSE LANGSAM4 Aug 1916May 198627609 (Raleigh, Wake, NC)27609 (Raleigh, Wake, NC)111-05-9903New YorkBefore 1951
RUTH LANGSAM11 Apr 19094 Dec 199785712 (No Location Given)(No Location Given)526-70-7865Arizona  
RUTH LANGSAM2 Jun 19209 Mar 199910471 Bronx, Bronx, NY(No Location Given)059-12-3866059 Before 1951
SADIE LANGSAM15 Aug 1893Oct 198211553 (East Meadow, Nassau, NY) (No Location Given)082-18-8456New YorkBefore 1951
SADIE LANGSAM21 Sep 18984 Feb 198910591 (Tarrytown, Westchester, NY) (No Location Given)076-34-2939New YorkBetween 1959 and 1960
SAMUEL LANGSAM18 Dec 1900Jan 198111374 (Flushing, NY) (No Location Given)091-32-3741New YorkBetween 1957 and 1958
SAMUEL LANGSAM22 Apr 1889Oct 198594102 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (No Location Given)563-66-4864California1962
SAMUEL LANGSAM15 Jul 189812 Oct 199010025 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)110-07-2095New York  
SAMUEL LANGSAM30 Apr 19166 Oct 199210463 (Bronx Nyc, Bronx, NY) (No Location Given)058-03-4924New YorkBefore 1951
SANFORD LANGSAM5 Mar 19146 Jan 199533319 (Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)078-38-2547New York1963
SARAH LANGSAM12 Feb 1895Jun 197411219 (Brooklyn, NY) (No Location Given)081-09-6257New YorkBefore 1951
SARAH LANGSAM23 Sep 189916 Apr 199111229 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)088-28-6296New YorkBetween 1951 and 1953
SARAH LANGSAM21 Jul 19063 Sep 199311432 (Jamaica, Queens, NY) (No Location Given)078-34-4124New YorkBetween 1959 and 1961
SARAH LANGSAM4 Jul 1906Oct 199512202 (Albany, NY) (No Location Given)071-12-9585New YorkBefore 1951
SIDNEY LANGSAM15 Mar 1912Sep 1974 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)489-03-9245MissouriBefore 1951
SIDNEY LANGSAM5 Mar 190712 Dec 1991 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)099-26-9537New York1951
SIDNEY LANGSAM2 Mar 190821 Feb 2000 60015 Deerfield, Lake, IL (No Location Given)329-10-2647IllinoisBefore 1951
SOLOMON LANGSAM6 Mar 1919Sep 1983 (No Location Given)10530 (Scarsdale, Westchester, NY)087-05-9611New YorkBefore 1951
SUSAN LANGSAM7 Mar 194529 Oct 1996 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)219-42-6626MarylandBetween 1960 and 1961
SYDNEY LANGSAM7 Feb 190916 Jan 199033009 (Hallandale, Broward, FL) (No Location Given)089-26-5928New York1951
SYLVIA LANGSAM26 Apr 1900Oct 198594112 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (No Location Given)566-07-8471CaliforniaBefore 1951
TESSIE LANGSAM29 Aug 1903Dec 197311236 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)052-28-0164New YorkBetween 1951 and 1952
TILLIE LANGSAM1 Jan 1886Jun 196663107 (St Louis, Saint Louis City (City), MO) (No Location Given)340-28-7323IllinoisBetween 1951 and 1952
TOBY LANGSAM16 Jul 1906Sep 196890046 (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)116-09-5529New YorkBefore 1951
WALTER LANGSAM2 Jan 1906Aug 198545202 (Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH) (No Location Given)110-14-0967New YorkBefore 1951
YETTA LANGSAM12 Mar 1896Feb 198411223 (Brooklyn, Kings, NY) (No Location Given)113-36-8782New York1962

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