The Shmuel Yaakov Langsam Family

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Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 13:06:41 +0200
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Sholom Uverocho

I will try to write You the info as clear as possible.
We are einiklach (descendants) of R.Chaim Leib Langsam. They called 
him R.Leibish.

I can go only up to R. Shmuel Yaakov Langsam. I'm missing the link 
between R. Shmuel Yaakov and R. Chaim Leib.

R.Shmuel Yaakov had 3 known children : Efraim, Chaya Breindl, Sima Reizl.
Efraim Langsam had 4 children : Leib, Henia (married Pinchevsky), 
Shloime, Abraham.
         Henia has also 4 children : Shmuel, Aharon, Faya, Feige.

Sima Reizl married to R.Yakov Hacohen Taubenfeld and had 5 children :
Shimon, Faya (called Pepka married Gerblich), Shaindl (married Shnaid), 
Mendel, Fraide.

         R.Shimon (1894-1983) married Ettil Toraschreiber (1891-1980) and 
		 had one daughter Esther Lea
                 Esther Lea (1927-1978) married R.Yaakov Koppel Friedberg 
				 and have 4 children: Mirel Reizl (married Yoshua Gottlieb),
				 Rivka (married Boruch Menachem Kaufman), Dov Yitschok 
				 (married Esther Schwartz), Devorah Shaindl (married Moishe 
				 Avrohom Pariser).
R.Shimon and his parents lived in Bircza. Also, R.Shimon called himself Langsam. 
Do You have any info about the Langsam's from Bircza ? The Ronald S. Lauder 
Foundation in Warsaw told me that there is just under 100 stones in Bircza but 
they have not been indexed. The LDS (mormones) have no Jewish records from Bircza.

If You can puzzle out something, especially the link between Shmuel Yaakov and 
Chaim Leib, please write me.

Thank You very much.

Kesiva vachasima tova and Hatzlocho Rabo

Moishe Pariser
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What makes you think that you come from R.Chaim Leib Langsam?

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Good morning
Rav Chaim Kreizwirth zt"l, the Rov of Antwerp, told me that my wife's 
grandfather R.Shimon Langsam used to say that he is a einikel of R.Leibish 
the brother of the Benei Yissoschor

From: "Suzan & Ron Wynne" 
Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 11:47 AM
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The Jaroslaw records are quite a goldmine! I didn't think that we 
would learn much from them but I was mistaken. I'm glad that I paid 
the money to get the indexed database.

My latest connections: I was able to document some of the people on 
Moshe Pariser's wife's branch. The children for Sara Reisel Langsam 
and Jakob Taubenfeld were documented. Paje Langsam was born in 1895 
in Pruchnik. She married Aron Samuel Gerblich in 1922. Aron was the 
son of Chaim Gerblich and Ryfka Frostman. Sara Reisel and Jakob's 
other child in the database was Frieda. She was born in 1906 in 
Bircza. In 1930, she married Herman Susskind, born 1903 in Rzeszow 
to Aron Susskind and Sara Storch.

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I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

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