Scheindl Langsam of Tyreva Woleska


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I am forwarding this piece of Earl's correspondence.  I am writing back
to him with relevant information.  Suzan

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Date: Monday, October 26, 1998 1:30 PM
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>> My grandmother was a Langsam who lived in Sanok before the war. She had 2
>> sisiters and a brother. The family moved to Winnipeg after the war. My
>> grandmother's first name was Scheindl.
>> My wife and I visited Sanok this past summer.
>> Is my family connected to yours in some way?
>Dear Earl,  Yes for sure there is a connection though I can't say
>offhand what it is.  I  and a number of cousins put together a book
>about the Langsams.  I see a Scheindel who married Isak Chartaner.  She
>was born in 1909 in Hucisko.  I have her sister as Blima and her
>brothers were Nathan who died in 1971 in Arizona, Benisch, and Markus.
>I also show a Scheindel who was married to Wigdor Bernstein but they
>were divorced.  I have no other information about her children, etc.
>She was one of 9 children of Meyer and Sarah Langsam who lived in
>Sanok.  I must have other Scheindels but I'm wondering if you could
>provide a little more information so I can see if I have anything about
>your family branch.
>How did you find me?
>Suzan Wynne

My grandmother was born in 1898 in a little village about 21 km East of
It is called Tyreva Woleska.{sp} In 1920 she got married and moved to Sanok.
Her husband was Zacharia Fink. They lived in Sanok till 1939.
My grandmother Scheindl Langsam had 9 brothers and sisters.She and 3 others,
with others from our family all moved to Winnipeg around 1948,1949. Scheindl
died in 1960.
In Sanok, my grandfather was in the meat business. They had  5 children, one
of them my mother. 1 child died in the war, the others are all in Winnipeg.
Isak Chartaner and Wigdor Bernstein are not in any way connected to our
family. My grandmother and grandfather both lived together in Winnipeg
untill 1960, the year they both passed away. We have never heard of the
other 2 names.
In 1921 there were 4076 Jews in Sanok. The Langsams you speak of may be
a completely unrelated family. Or possibly, they may stem from one of the 9
brothers and sisters of my grandmother, details of them I am collecting from
my mother.

Have you visited Sanok? Do you have street addresses for the Langsams there?
That would help as my mother remembers some street addresses.
I saw your search request on the Net under Sanok in a Jewish search service.

Finally, my grandmother's parents were Pesel and Pinchas Langsam from
21 km from Sanok.

Earl Zimmer

Vancouver, Canada

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Date: 10/28/98 7:32 AM 

I have your letter, through Suzan and I will be back to you soon. I have to
deeper with my relatives who are all in Winnipeg.

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> Hi,
> Just wanted to touch base. In your 10/28/98 note you said you would try 
> get back to me at some point. Any luck finding out any additional info
> Can you list the names of all the children of Pesel and Pinchas Langsam?
> Did Pinchas have any known siblings?
> Do you know where/when he died? What age? Picture of tombstone (might 
> his father's name)?
> Any Langsam cousin's you know of, but not how you are related?
> Hope to hear from you soon.
> Be Well!
> -Moishe
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Pesel and Pinchas were my great grandparents. They lived in Tereva. They 
10 children.$ of them lived in Winnipeg and I knew them The children
were:Scheindel, my grandmother, she died in Winnipeg in March 1960. Avrum,
Sarah, Ronia, Kalman, Chaia,and Slova who all died in the war. Then there
was Anny who died in Winnipeg around 1970, Moishe langsam , my uncle who
died in Winnipeg around 15 years ago and my aunt Clara who died in Winnipeg
about 1 month ago.
Now my mom is Ruth Zimmer whose mother was Scheindel. My mom lost a young
brother in the war. My mom's brother Saul, sisters  Ann and Sally all still
live in Winnipeg.

Clara's children are  Rosalynnwho lives in Winnipeg and Sammy Linhart who
lives in Phoenix. They both have their own kids. My Brother lives in Las

Moishe Langsam had no children. Anny had 2 children, both still live in

I was in Poland last year and drove through Tereva. I wasn't so interested
in this stuff then so I only really visited Sanok where my mom was born.

What is your r elationship to these folks? Please let me know. Earl Zimmer
From: "Moishe Miller" 
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Subject: New info on your family....


 Long time no chat. Hope this note finds you well. I would like to
 snail-mail you a copy of a 1986 letter I just received. Can I get 
 your mailing address?

 -Moishe Miller
Friday July 20, 2001 04:26 PM
To:   "Moishe Miller" 
Subject:  Re: New info on your family....

4346 west 12th ave Vancouver, B.C. Canada v6r2r1
Nice to hear from you again. My brother is in Larchmont New York, and works
in the City. Maybe I will put you in touch with him.
Earl Zimmer


I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

My home address is
           1374 East 28th Street
           Brooklyn NY 11210-5311

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