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Date:    7/31/96  11:51 PM
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Hello again:
Yes, I assume that the mmcohen at Santa Cruz is indeed Michael (in addition 
to doing family histories and working through the mathematical intricacies 
of various problems, Michael is an avid ballroom/latin dancer...perhaps the 
"mambo" portion of his address refers to that????)
Your genealogical journey sounds both interesting and bittersweet. 
Brooklyn-- that's where I grew up (in Crown Heights)...I went to Erasmus 
Hall and then on to Brooklyn College and City College before moving on for 
my doctorate.
My cousin Devra Langsam still lives in Brooklyn (on East 8th Street).  Her 
family (father Jacob, mother Fritzi - both now deceased - and sister Miriam 
who now lives in Indianapolis) grew up in the same apartment building as my 
Did you grow up in Brooklyn?  And in what section of Brooklyn is E. 32nd 
Street.  I turned to the L1 section of the Langsam-Spira Family -- the only 
Moshe (not Moishe) I see is/was married to Sarah...???  but this seems to be 
a couple of generations back?  or am I being misled by Moshe's position on 
the chart?
Unfortunately...most of my immediate family is now gone.  My brother lives 
in Bayside and my Aunt (not a Langsam, but a Mink -- my mother's maiden 
name) - so I still get back to New York several times a year. There have 
been a couple of marriages (cousin Michael's -- not the Santa Cruz Michael, 
but the Allentown PA Michael -- son and daughter have been married in the 
past few years) -- I don't know of other branches, however, that haven't 
made it into the book. 
By the way, how did you manage to get connected with the Langsam-Spira volume?
Re:  the "net" -- I've got great access both through the University and at 
home -- so I'd be interested in tuning in to your site once it's 
established.  Keep me posted.  It might be interesting to establish a 
"relative" listserv or link.
I'd be interested to hear if and when you manage to contact Michael.
Nice hearing from you.  Good luck. 
Best:  Debbie

     I started off trying to create a record of my Miller ancestors that 
     perished in the Holocaust, a small task I had thought. It took on a
     life of its own. I have about 6500 people now in the L1 section of the 
     book, all from Avrohm Aba Langsam/Miller. I am also in the midst of
     putting up an internet site with some of the high-level info. Do u 
     have access to the 'Net?

     I found a Michael M. Cohen, at Santa Cruz, with Email address:
     Is this him?

     I am married, with children. I live in Brooklyn, NY & work in 
     Manhattan for Prudential Securities.

     Do you know of any other Langsams outside of your family, that did not 
     make it into the book, like any new students, etc?

     Take Care!

     Moishe Miller
     1133 East 32nd Street
     Bklyn NY 11210-4734

     H:(718) 258 - 5512
     W:(212) 778 - 7015

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     Hi  distant cousin Moishe:

     I'm not sure about Michael's current address.  But his parents are Sam 
     and Anita Cohen (as you probably know from the Langsam-Spira book).
     Their address is as follows:

     24 Littlebrook Road North
     Princeton, NJ   08540

     They're terrific people and I'm sure that they can help. 

     You might also try the internet for Michael:  he's on staff at 
     University of Calif. -- Santa Cruz (I believe that he's in the 
     Mathematics Department).

     As far as Langsam news goes:

     I'm not sure that my brother's (Jay Langsam) 3rd child is part of the 
     book. His name is Peter and he is approaching Bar Mitzvah age..

     I'm also not sure that my marriage is listed: 

     I married Joal Fischer (although, as you know, I keep my Langsam name) 
     -- and as you can probably tell from my email, am on the faculty at
     the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

     How about you -- where do you live and how have you become interested 
     in the genealogy?

     Good luck in your search for Michael. 


     Deborah M. Langsam
     Department of Biology
     UNC Charlotte
     Charlotte, NC 28223


     Phone:  704-547-4054
     fax:  704-547-3128

Deborah M. Langsam
Department of Biology
UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28223
Phone:  704-547-4054
fax:  704-547-3128


I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

My home address is
           1374 East 28th Street
           Brooklyn NY 11210-5311

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