The H8.2 Langsam Family


Subject:  Langsam/Miller
PostedDate:  01/07/99 11:42:54 AM
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Dear Mr. Miller
My brother and sister-in-law (Joseph and Betty Langsam of 
Short Hills, NJ) passed along your e-mail request for 
information concerning the Langsam family.

I went to your web site and found that you already have 
access to the two studies done by Suzan Wynne which I have.  
One is entitled "The Family of Pesach and Ita Langsam 
of Yawornik"   The other is entitled "Fish Family Tree" 
and contains a subheading of the "Langsam Family Tree" 
which appears to have been produced in 1994 by Suzan Wynne.

For your information, my father, Sidney E. Langsam, is 90 
years old and lives in a nursing home in Lincolnshire, IL 
with his wife, Helen Grosby Langsam.  My father was born in
East St. Louis, IL and was the son of David Langsam and his
wife Matilda.  He had no siblings.  My father lived most of
his adult life in St. Louis and Clayton, MO (a St. Louis 
suburb).  They relocated to this area when it was necessary 
for them to be placed in a nursing home.

I am married to Leonard Adams and live in Deerfield, IL.  
We have three sons:
David (Columbia, SC), 
Bruce (Chicago) and 
M. Jacob (Rochester,NY).

Bruce is married to Eve Becker.  
My brother, Joseph, is married to Betty Sayah Langsam
and lives in Short Hills, NJ.  They have three children: 
Daniel (Boston Univ),
Jessica (Univ of Penn) and 
Devorah, an elementary school student who lives at home.

I hope this is helpful

Phyllis Langsam Adams
100 Forestway Drive
Deerfield, IL. 60015

Subject:  Re: Langsam/Miller
PostedDate:  01/18/99 01:08:08 PM
SendTo:  CN=Moishe Miller/OU=PSG/O=Prudential
DeliveredDate:  01/18/99 11:19:04 PM

Dear Moishe

Sorry for the delay in responding to your message.  You may
feel free to post my message to you or to modify it as you 
see fit.

David Langsam is recorded in the Langsam-Spira family 
document on page H-7 under what appears to be section H8.2.
It shows that he was married to Tillie (that was how she was
known but her actual name was Matilda as I indicated in my 
previous message to you.  I was born in 1941 and my brother
Joseph was born in 1945.  My sons: 
David (1967), 
Bruce (1969), 
and Michael Jacob --known as Jacob(1971).

I was told when I grew up that my grandfather, David Langsam,
came to this country to escape the Austrian army after being
impressed as part of a campaign by the army to separate 
young Jewish men from their family and,thus, their culture 
and religion.  I was also told that he was from Galicia.  
In looking at a historical atlas, it appears that the 
Austro-Hungarian empire did extend into or at least near to
Galicia, so all this does look authentic to me.

I see (on page H-8) of the Langsam-Spira document that you 
are aware of Perline Langsam and Sigmond Langsam, both of 
whom live in the St. Louis area.
Perline can be contacted at 
207 Ambridge Court; 
Chesterfield, MO 63017.  
Her phone is (314) 576-5311.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more 
information or assistance.

Phyllis Adams

Dan Langsam, son of Joseph, and grandson to Sidney (H8.2), supplied the 
following pictures in January 2000:
Sidney Langsam (son of David - H8.2) - 7kb
Helen Langsam, wife of Sidney (son of David - H8.2) - 7kb
Joesph Langsam Family (son of Sidney, grandson of David - H8.2)- 15kb
Sidney Langsam Family (son of David - H8.2) - 16kb
_____________________________________________________________ Monday January 10, 2000 02:56 PM To: Moishe Miller/PSG/Prudential cc: Subject: RE: Langsam I would definitely be interested in exploring links between our families. In fact, I am currently doing some research, although not to the same extent as yours. I noticed that on your website you have posted a letter from my aunt under the sub-heading "H8.2 Langsam". I am having trouble linking my branch to any others, mostly because I cannot find anyone who knows the name of my great-great grandfather. Below I've sketched an outline of my family, most of which you probalby already have. If I find any information that might extend it, please let me know. Thanks. Sincerely, Dan Langsam My branch, mostly located around St. Louis, Missouri: -[1]-David Langsam m. Tillie -----[2]-Sidney Langsam m. Helen Grosby ---------[3]-Joseph Langsam m. Betty Sayah -------------[4]-Daniel Langsam [b. 1977] [THIS IS ME!!!] -------------[4]-Jessica Langsam [b. 1980] -------------[4]-Devorah Langsam [b. 1989] ---------[3]-Phyllis Langsam m. Leanord Adams -------------[4]-David Adams -------------[4]-Bruce Adams m. Eve -------------[4]-Jacob Adams -[1]-Rose Langsam m. Uscher Schwimmer -----[2] FIVE/SIX CHILDREN, MANY GRANDCHILDREN -[1]-Isaac [1/2 brother to David] -[1]-Helen [1/2 sister to David] -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 1999 8:34 PM To:;;;; Subject: Langsam Hi, Forgive me if I contacted you before, but I am doing research on my family genealogy. I am a direct descendent of Pesach Langsam. I have a website at Would you perhaps be interested in exploring a possible connection between our families? -Moishe ___________________________________________________________ Monday January 10, 2000 03:47 PM To: Moishe Miller/PSG/Prudential cc: Subject: RE: Langsam Moishe- Seems that I just have to get my hands on the book. I only have two pages from it. I emailed Susan Wynne to see if she might have any more copies left. There are, in fact several "cousin" branches to which I don't know the exact blood ties. One is listed under H8.3-- David D. Langsam [b.1907] at the head. I called his daughter Perel/Perline today, who said that David D. Langsam was a full nephew of David my great-grandfather, but this makes no sense if David my great-grandfather had no full brothers. I would love to able to find the link between my St. Louis kin and the New York Langsams-- my interest was kindled when I started correspoding with Melissa Rose Langsam, a senior at Harvard who lives in the New York metro area. I will try to see if I can find any info on Yehoshua Chaim. I'd also be happy to provide you with any pictures I can dig up, and to see what you've got so far. I'd even be willing to help you on a larger scale, if you so desired. I'm currently a student at Columbia, living on the Upper West Side, and my parents live in New Jersey. Talk to you soon. -Dan _______________________________________________________ From: "Daniel Langsam" To: Subject: RE: The Langsam Family Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 21:33:58 -0500 X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook IMO, Build 9.0.2416 (9.0.2910.0) Importance: Normal Hey Moishe- The names of those cousins I was telling you about are Mildred Newman and Henrietta Horwitz (sp?) (married to Harold Newman and Jules Horwitz). Both of the last names are married names-- my parents weren't sure of their maiden names. See you Tuesday! -Dan _______________________________________________________ X-Lotus-FromDomain: PRUDENTIAL From: "Moishe Miller" To: "" <> Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 14:08:44 -0500 Subject: Re: Phyliss Adams Phyllis' new email address is Her son Bruce become the father of a little girl just four weeks ago. She is named after her grandmother - Helen. They are calling her Hanna Estelle. _______________________________________________________


I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge or an interest in the Miller family.

Moishe Miller

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