The Tribe of Issachar

Our family has a tradition that we descend from the tribe of Issachar.

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Our orthodox cousins frequently contest the claim on the grounds that the Ten Tribes are lost (perhaps beyond the river Sambatyon). Although this may be true, two other facts are evident from scripture and basic commentaries.

T I M E L I N E   (see RaShi to Isaiah 8:23)
Exile I
Assyrian King Tiglath-pileser exiles Zebulun & Naftali
Exile II
Assyrian King Pul exiles Reuben, Gad & ½ Manasseh
Exile III
Assyrian King Shalmaneser exiles balance of tribes of Israel to Halah, Habor & Media
Return I
Defeat of Sennacherib
Return II
Jeremiah retrieves tribes
Exile IV
Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar exiles King Jehoiachin & nobility
Exile V
Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar exiles King Zedekiah & remnant (except poor)

3187 3195 3206 3213 3303 3327 3338 3404

Note: Prior to the year 3187 the kingdom was not subject to a complete exile but was subject to various partial exiles. Note #2: See last RaShI in Tractate Erchin 12a, where he states there were only two exiles for Judah and not three.

To quote sources:

   Proof that other tribes remained scattered throughout the territory of Judah

   Proof that a remnant remained in their territories    Proof that the tribes returned

   Proof that there were members of the other tribes still known, even AFTER their exile    Proof that there were other individuals exiled prior to the ten tribes To be fair, there are sources that can be construed to present a broader view, that the ten tribes are lost. Of the earlier commentaries, R' David Kimchi (ReDaK) seems to favor this approach, at least for the exiles to Halah and Habor:

What about the story that the tribes are exiled beyond to River Sambatyon?

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