The Eckstein Family; Broken Eckstein Branches


The following is a list of Eckstein branches, and in some cases, just leaves, that have fallen from our tree. They may be related, but in most cases, the exact connection is no longer known.

• Mayer and Sol Eckstein.

From the SSDI:
  SSN 097-24-3003 Residence: 10463 Bronx, Bronx, NY
  Born 12 Oct 1915 Last Benefit:
  Died 11 Jul 1996 Issued: NY (Before 1951)

As per

Betty Eckstein married David (Shmuel) Weissman, son of Elyakim (Getzel) Chaim Weiszmann and Yehudis Herskovech, in 1935, in Bilka. He was born 9 May 1902 in Rakowitz, Hungary and he died in May 1986 in New York, New York.

They had two children, Sandra (Sandy) and Jerry.

Sandy married Melvin Persily and have Marc, Eric & Karen. Marc is married to Robin Workman and they have Jacob Evan & Jesse Benjamin. Dr. Eric Persily, an anesthesiologist in private practice in Charleston WV, is married to Dr. Cynthia Armstrong Persily <>. She was appointed associate dean for academic programs with the West Virginia University School of Nursing, southern region, and appointed to the tenured rank of associate professor there, in 1999. She continues to hold the position of chair for the Charleston division. They have two children, Aaron David, born October 13, 1995, and Alexandra Beth, born October 21, 1997.

Regarding Betty's broader family:

Betty (Blima 1915 - 1995/6), dtr of Mayer Eckstein. His wife died fairly young.
Betty came around 1935, already married.
He had brothers and sisters.
Another son of Mayer is Jankel (Jacob) of Brooklyn - he was the last to come out.
His number is 718 853 1381. He is about 68/69.
and another son, Micheal (Moshe) in Rego Park.
The oldest was Clarie, born about 1910.

A book was printed for Bilka (2 -volumes)

From Mayer's siblings, there is a Michael Eckstein.
He built his own house in Yorktown Heights, NY. He has a brother Stanley, maybe NYC. His father was Sol Eckstein, brother to Mayer.

Mayer had a sister Breindel, married to a Lebowitz, they had a clothing store in the lower east side of NYC.
Joe Lebowitz in FL is a son, somewhere near Miami.
Jerry Weissman

Dr of Rehabilitive medicine


• Tzvi Elimelech Eckstein

He lives in Brooklyn and is the son of Menachem Mendel Eckstein, the son of Dovid Elazer. His sister is Chana Lent of Kew Garden Hills, Flushing, NY.

In the Ellis Island database there is a family fitting this profile. The two page mainfest lists:

  • David Lazar Eckstein; age 41, a bootmaker; born in Bekan, Romania; naturalization 2-841587 - 505 on 2/5/41
  • Jeni Eckstein; age 39, a housewife; born in Dumitrea Mare, Romania; naturalization 2-891633 on 7/28/41
  • Rubin Eckstein; age 14, a Shoolar (scholar?); born in Dumitrea Mare, Romania; naturalization 2-^^ - 1937 - 5/20/43
  • Man Eckstein; age 11, a Shoolar (scholar?); born in Dumitrea Mare, Romania; naturalization 2-109060
  • Sandor Eckstein; age 9, a Shoolar (scholar?); born in Dotra Banya, Romania
  • Zsigmond Eckstein; age 8, a Shoolar (scholar?); born in Nitra Banya, Romania; naturalization 2-915554 - 505 on 9/5/41 (C.L. 205 3-6-42)
  • Aranka Eckstein; age 7, a child; born in Dejas, Romania;
  • Bella Eckstein; age 5, a child; born in Dejas, Romania; naturalization 2-725894 - 505 on 4/29/40 (C.L. 205 2-28-41)
They arrived on the SS Stockholm on April 14, 1921 sailing from Gothenburg. It is page 293 on lines 7 - 14 of the manifest. Leib Primus, a friend, living in Dumitrea Mare Bez. Bistritza, is listed as the contact person from where they came. They were going to David Lazar's brother-in-law, Abraham Matijas, living at 17 E. 108th Street New York, NY.

Page 1 of the manifest
Page 2 of the manifest

In the Social Security Death Index, the following was found:
  SSN 126-01-8431 Residence: 10475 Bronx, Bronx, NY
  Born 15 Jan 1903 Last Benefit:
  Died Nov 1984 Issued: NY (Before 1951)


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