Equivalent names

There are a number of instances when the records indicate that one name can be used alternatively or equivalently to another.  Such a name equivalence might be applicable to only that individual or may reflect a more general equivalence.  Below are lists of such name pairs and the date of their first documented equivalence.

      Surnames                source
 FIALA    + KOPS         marriage 1831 #43
 GOLDGURT + HOSSNICER    marriage May 1819 
 HADER    + SIODMAK      marriage 1822
 HOROWITZ + PINKUS       PINKUS was used in b.1811#105 by HOROWITZ
                         family who had many other births 1803-1822

   Given names            earliest
                       documented source 
 Breindel  Broncia     birth-death Oct-Dec 1879
 Fabian    Feiwus      birth Nov 1838
 Matylda   Matel       marriage Mar 1842
 Markus    Mordechai   marriage Dec 1842
 Doba      Tauba       marriage Dec 1842
 Ewa       Chawa       birth Jan 1845
 Philip    Feibus      birth May 1877
 Malka     Amalia      marriage Jul 1847
 Malka     Matylda     birth Jul 1849
 Rebeka    Rifka       marriage Jan 1851
 Mendel    Emanuel     marriage Mar 1871
 Scheindel Charlotte   birth May 1875
 Rachel    Rozalia     marriage May 1879
 Hirsch    Henryk      marriage Dec 1879
 Szachna   Stefan      birth Jan 1881
 Wilhelm   Wolf        birth Aug 1881
 Jechiel   Julius      marriage Dec 1886
 Sina      Siegfried   birth Jan 1889
 Chaja     Helena      birth 1889

There are many times when one name is used in place of another in an unofficial way.  Some of these may reflect an official equivalence whose documentation is unknown, while others may just be due to whimsey.  Listed below are a few such unofficial equivalences that have been noticed.

 Given names (undocumented)
 Amalia       Mela / Mala
 Berisch      Berek
 Chaim        Joachim
 Chana        Charlotta
 Chana        Anna
 Doba         Debora
 Ester        Ernestyna  
 Feigel       Fana
 Frumet       Ida
 Golda        Gusta / Augusta
 Hudes(sa)    Hedwig
 Isaac        Isidore
 Israel       Ezryel
 Keila        Karolina
 Lea          Laura
 Lea          Leonora
 Lewek        Lobel
 Monusch      Menachem
 Morris       Maurice
 Rachel       Rose
 Rafat        Raphael
 Rifka        Regina
 Rosa         Shoshanna
 Teibel       Tauba
 Tzvi         Hirsch
 Wolf         Adolf
 Wolf         Feiwel
 Wolf         Zeev
 Zlata        Charlotta
 Zlata        Sophia 

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