Early Records (before 1810)

Before mid-1805, surnames were not commonly used in Krakow.
Patronymics were the norm, the father's given name being used as a second name.
(In earlier times, a person's occupation was often used as a second name.)
The databases indicate surnames in all caps.   Inferences are bracketed (e.g., [PISEK]).

The progress of inferring surnames has been enhanced by the contributions of many genealogists.
There are 1971 individuals in the 1790 census, 1916 individuals in the 1795 census, and 1793 births listed 1798-1809.
As of November 2003, 66% of the 1795 census families, 47% of the 1795 census entries, and 83% of pre-1810 births, have an identified surname.
As of November 2003, 40% of the 1795 census entries have been found in the 1790 census.

It appears that houses 112-136 in 1790 correspond to houses 113-137 in 1795. Other house numbers appear to be consistent.

Images of the Kazimierz 1790 census can be found in image numbers 273 thru 295 at Polish archives of the Krakow area for 1790-92.

Databases of early records

database last updated
1790 Census         Apr-11-'19
1795 Census  hs 1-115   Apr-11-'19
Births 1798-1809 Dec- 1-'21
Marriages 1798-1808 Nov-12-'23
Houseowners 1807  (some from 1797) Nov- 4-'03
Houseowners 1806-1846
Hs# used 1806-1814
Hs# used 1858
Owner and ownership year if non-1806

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