Cyna was the son of Mozes Israel Isser HIRSCHBERG & Elka Ryvka SCHENKER.
He was born in Krakow on November 18, 1879.
He moved to Antwerp, probably around the turn of the century, and married Rosa ARONSFRAU there on January 29, 1907.
Their first two children, Annie and Emanuel were born in Antwerp.
Because of the war, they moved temporarily to Holland, where their third child, Leon, was born.
They returned to Belgium after the war.

This picture was taken in 1928, in South Africa (Lichtenburg?).

With the onset of the second world war, they attempted to emigrate to the United States.
They were killed when their boat was sunk by the Germans off the coast of Newfoundland on Jan 25, 1942.