Raw Data for Sensor Notification Study

This is the raw data for our Sensor Notification Study in a csv file. Those data are completely anonymous. We can only know which datapoints is coming from the same device, but we do not know who is using the device.


Below is the link to the raw data
Click Here to Download


The meaning of each column:
1 Device ID: A random number we gave to each device. The same device ID means the data came from the same deivce.
2 Entry ID: A sequence number we gave to each datapoint on a device. This number is unique within a device.
3 Time: The time in epoch milliseconds when the entry was generated.
4 Sensor Type: The sensor type for which the datapoint is related to. 1 = Microphone, 2 = Camera, 3 = GPS
5 Entry Type: The type of this entry. 0 = Real Notifications Displayed, 1 = Fake Notifications Displayed, 2 = Users' responses, 3 = Users used the "See Sample" feature to look at what certain notifications looked like
6 Notification Type: The notification channel that was used. 2 = Blinking LED, 3 = Constant Vibration, 5 = Display Notifications, 6 = Android Notifications, 7 = Sound
7 Ambient Light: In lux.
8 Ambient Noise: In Amplitude.
9 Volume Level
10 Do Not Disturb Mode: 0 = Do Not Disturb mode off, 1 = Do Not Disturb mode on
11 Status: If this is a real/faked notification, this column indicates whether the notification has displayed. 1 = Not Displayed, 2 = Displayed. A notification that have not displayed may due to the phone is off during the time.
12 Screen Status: 0 = Screen is on, 1 = Screen is off