Aflex and Ayacc

Aflex and ayacc are similar to the Unix tools lex and yacc, but they are written in Ada and generate Ada output. They were developed by the Arcadia Project at the University of California, Irvine. Aflex is based on the tool 'flex' written by Vern Paxson. These tools are copyrighted, but are freely redistributable. There is no warranty of any kind (see the copyright notice.) However we do ask that you report any problems you encounter as we use these tools ourselves and we want to fix any bugs that are found.

You may give this software to others, but we prefer that those who can get it directly from us to insure that all users are running the latest version. We also ask that you send electronic mail to the address giving your name, your organization, a paper mail address, and your e-mail address (either an Internet address or a UUCP path relative to a well-known site such as uunet.) A form is provided below for your convenience. We will use this information to set up a mailing list to announce new versions of aflex and ayacc, as well as new software that is expected to be made available.


Aflex and Ayacc are copy-righted by the University of California, but source code is available free of charge via anonymous ftp.

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