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Starting ICSHP: Program Overview & Honors Seminar (ICS H197)

Steps to Complete the ICSHP

The requirements to complete the ICS Honors Program are as follows:

  1. Take ICS H197 Honors Seminar each quarter
    ICS H197 will be offered for 2 units in the Fall and 1 unit for Winter and Spring
  2. Find a Faculty Advisor to oversee your research
    Submit an Initial Plan once you find a faculty advisor and decide on a topic for your research project.
  3. Take 2 quarters of Honors Research (H198) with your Faculty Advisor
  4. Submit a thesis

Note: There may be other assignments such as check-ins during your participation in the program.

Taking ICS H197 Honors Seminar

What is ICS H197?
ICS H197 provides an opportunity for the Bren School’s undergraduate honors students to learn about the research taking place in the school and to begin to get involved with this research. The main purpose of this course is to help you learn what sort of research is being conducted, and how to get involved in research.

Several types of meetings are planned for this seminar, including the following:

  • Overview of the program
  • How to start research
  • Periodic progress check ins
  • Faculty presentations
  • Graduate school tips

How can I enroll in ICS H197?
Students admitted into the ICS Honors Program will be emailed an authorization code along with their notice of admission. Enrollment in ICS H197 is mandatory for students admitted to the ICSHP as it is a program requirement.

Please note that ICS H197 is only available to students admitted into the ICS Honors Program.

How many units of ICS H197 should I take?
Admitted students should take 2 units of ICS H197 during the Fall, and 1 unit during the Winter and Spring quarters.

Next Steps: To find out more information about finding a faculty advisor and starting research, click here.