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PI Co-PI Proposal Title
Elena Agapie Nikil Dutt Supporting Cross-Disciplinary Teams in Creating Human-Centric Health AI Technologies
Sergio Gago-Masague Iftekhar Ahmed Tailoring Latine’s Skills Training to Broaden their Participation in Software Engineering
Chen Li Babak Shahbaba Using the Wisdom of the Crowd to Develop a Repository of Data Science Workflows for Powerful Analytics
Stephan Mandt Mohsen Imani Intelligent Sensing via Neural Compression and Bayesian Learning
Annie Qu Hengrui Cai Heterogeneous Statistical Learning for Precise Mobile Health
Weining Shen Tianchen Qian
Zhaoxia Yu
Interpretable Machine Learning for Early Warning of Children Sepsis in the ICU
Erik Sudderth Learning to Forecast Seasonal Precipitation by Integrating Dynamical Models with Historical Data
Vijay Vazirani Ioannis Panageas Dynamically Changing Matching Markets: Reinforcement Learning to the Rescue