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Pivoting a Business Multiple Times and Staying a Fan of Your Idea

Vijesh Mehta and Punit Shah

EZ Texting

Punit Shah

Vijesh MehtaThe UCI ICS Alumni Chapter Lunch & Learn Series is proud to present: Vijesh Mehta ’01 (CEO, EZ Texting) and Punit Shah ’03 (CMO, EZ Texting).

Vijesh and Punit have spent more than 15 years building a VC backed company from startup to where it is today. Along the way, they were forced to reinvent themselves and the company. Hear how pivoting the business and themselves were key lessons and inflection points in business. We’ll be talking with them and discussing topics from startup ideas, scaling, acquisitions, and business models.

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Speaker Bios:
Vijesh Mehta is the CEO, Chairman & Co-founder of EZ Texting. He co-founded the company in 2005, which started as a self-service marketing solution used by businesses to better and more effectively communicate with their customers. Over the past 15 years, Vijesh has held multiple leadership roles within the EZ Texting. He has been instrumental in the growth of the company, including securing two rounds of investor-led financing, driving the business to profitability, and promoting the cultural values enabling the company to receive several distinguished “Best Places to Work” awards in Los Angeles and Austin.

Punit Shah is an expert at creating, transforming, and maximizing data-driven, low friction businesses. Shah has had repeat success in creating industry leading marketing efficiency through online channels and developing high ROI, easy to use, online products to meet the needs of wide underserved markets. Shah’s leadership approach drives growth through a harmonious combination of scalable data analysis & reporting, crisp goals, powerful vision, deep empathy, and strong culture. Shah is an active advisor to companies that engage his interests and expertise. He also spends as much of his time as possible mentoring and guiding his contacts on how to achieve the next phase of professional and personal growth.