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Handformer2T: A Lightweight Regression-based Model for Interacting Hands Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image

Deying Kong

PhD Student, Department of Computer Science, UC Irvine, Software Engineer, Google

Abstract: Despite its extensive range of potential applications in virtual reality and augmented reality, 3D interacting hand pose estimation from RGB image remains a very challenging problem, due to appearance confusions between keypoints of the two hands, and severe hand-hand occlusion. Due to their ability to capture long range relationships between keypoints, transformer-based methods have gained popularity in the research community. However, the existing methods usually deploy tokens at keypoint level, which inevitably results in high computational and memory complexity. In this talk, we will propose a simple yet novel mechanism, i.e., hand-level tokenization, in our transformer based model, where we deploy only one token for each hand. With this novel design, we will also propose a pose query enhancer module, which can refine the pose prediction iteratively, by focusing on features guided by previous coarse pose predictions. As a result, our proposed model, Handformer2T, can achieve high performance while remaining lightweight.

Bio: Deying Kong currently is a software engineer from Google Inc. He earned his PhD in Computer Science from University of California, Irvine in 2022, under the supervision of Professor Xiaohui Xie. His research interests mainly focus on computer vision, especially hand/human pose estimation.