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ICS offers real-world capstone courses that last 10–20 weeks, driven by projects provided by outside partners – corporations, government organizations, educational institutions, or nonprofits. Guided by the instructor and leveraging best practices that we teach throughout our programs, these projects ensure students gain the hands-on experience and soft skills needed for future success, all while building marketable products for the partners. These projects can also serve as a great recruitment tool for local organizations.

All three ICS departments — Computer Science, Informatics and Statistics — offer undergraduate capstone courses. ICS also offers capstone courses through its Master of Computer Science (MCS), Master of Data Science (MDS), Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design (MHCID) and Master of Software Engineering (MSWE) professional programs.

Projects frequently tie-in to modern technological trends and involve developing new web applications and portals, online or cloud computing services, or tablet and mobile applications. At the same time, quite a few of our partners wish to explore new ideas or business opportunities concerning their proprietary products, which is equally encouraged.

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Past Capstone Projects

Draw inspiration for your pitch video by watching what other partners have done in the past.

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  • Progress on lower-priority projects without expending staff resources
  • Small investment, high potential return
  • Access a diverse pool of students and recruit top graduates
  • Complete ownership of the results
  • Cultivate relationships with subject matter expert faculty members
  • Raise company profile among students, other sponsors, and the community


Expect to receive the following throughout the course of the project.

  • Technical reports
  • Drawings
  • Prototypes, Computer Models, Simulations
  • Tests and final reports

Becoming a Project Partner

We start connecting with potential project partners in July for the Fall quarter, in November for the Winter quarter and in January for the Spring quarter. Take the next steps in proposing a project now by following this four-step process:

  1. Complete the Project Scoping Form.
  2. Review the Partner Guide for best practices
  3. Arrange a 30-minute project scope qualification meeting
  4.  Submit a 2-3 minute “pitch video” of the project, which will be shared with students for the selection process). Videos should be submitted as an MP4 file, should not exceed 3-minutes, and recorded in landscape (wide) orientation.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Project partners must complete the Project Scoping Form and pitch video at least one month prior to the start of a capstone project. Please view the Capstone Program Overview for information on the schedule and timeline of capstone projects.

2023-2024 Quarter Start Dates

  • Fall 2023: September 25, 2023
  • Winter 2024: January 3, 2024
  • Spring 2024: March 27, 2024
  • Summer 2024: June 24, 2024