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Q&A with Class of 2022 graduate Pratyush Muthukumar, B.S. in computer science

At 18, an age when most students are enrolling as freshmen, Pratyush Muthukumar will be collecting his undergraduate diploma and adding it to an already extensive resume. The list of entities for which he’s conducted research includes NASA, Amazon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the city of Los Angeles. Artificial intelligence is Muthukumar’s focus. “Watching the world being changed by self-driving cars, intelligent AI assistants and retail recommender systems inspired me to join this extremely new and growing field,” says the 2021 Goldwater Scholar, who transferred to UCI from Cal State Los Angeles. Vice Chancellor for Research Pramod Khargonekar calls Muthukumar “one of the very best students I have known in my entire career. I am confident that he is destined to achieve great success in his future endeavors.”

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