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Statistics Professor Jessica Utts and eight statistics graduate students (seven Ph.D. and one M.S.) attended the American Statistical Association’s 2017 Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference held in La Jolla, Calif., from Oct. 19-21. In its third year, the conference had about 400 attendees and is modeled after the Grace Hopper Conference, which is aimed more toward women in computing and computer sciences. According to Utts, UCI was probably the most well-represented school at the conference this year, with the nine women attending from the Department of Statistics as well as other women from across campus.

Pictured below (from left to right): Michele Nuno, Maozhu Dai, Maricela Cruz, Alexandra Peterson, Professor Jessica Utts, Hina Arora, Olivia Bernstein, Sacha Robbins and Wendy Rummerfield.