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The 21st ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing has accepted three papers by members of the Health and Information (HAI) Lab within UCI’s Department of Informatics to be presented at next November’s CSCW 2018 in New Jersey.

The conference only accepted 107 papers and the HAI Lab’s acceptance rate was 27 percent, which is excellent achievement, according to Associate Professor of Informatics Kai Zheng. The accepted HAI Lab papers include:

  • “Investigating Support Seeking from Peers for Pregnancy in Online Health Communities” by Xinning Gui, Yu Chen, Yubo Kou, Katie Pine and Yunan Chen.
  • “Conspiracy Talk during a Public Health Crisis: towards Better Social Media Design” by Yubo Kou, Xinning Gui, Yunan Chen and Katie Pine.
  •  “Self-Tracking for Fertility Care: Collaborative Support for a Highly Personalized Problem” by Mayara Costa Figueiredo, Clara Caldeira, Tera L. Reynolds, Sean Victory, Kai Zheng and Yunan Chen.

CSCW is an international, interdisciplinary conference focused on how technology intersects with social practices. It brings together the top researchers and practitioners to explore technical, social, material and theoretical challenges of designing technology to support collaborative work and life activities.

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