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Assistant Professor of Informatics Bonnie Ruberg is co-editing a special issue of the journal Game Studies on the topic of “Queerness and Video Games: New Critical Perspectives on LGBTQ Issues, Sexuality, Games and Play” with Amanda Phllips, assistant professor in the Department of English at Georgetown University.

This special issue “seeks to explore new critical perspectives on queerness and video games, building from existing queer game studies work and broadening the current scope of the paradigm by inviting intersectional voices, highlighting underrepresented LGBTQ identities, and challenging those who study video games to make explicit the political implications of their work.”

Possible topics for contributions include intersectional perspectives on LGBTQ issues in video games, LGBTQ identities and experiences underrepresented in queer game studies scholarship, queer politics and social justice in games culture, and interactions between video game industry and mainstream reception that engage LGBTQ concerns.

A call for contributors to submit articles between 6,500-8,000 words in length will remain active until Dec. 31, 2017. Submission guidelines and style guide can be found on the Game Studies website.