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Associate Professor of Informatics Sam Malek (PI) and Assistant Project Scientist Joshua Garcia (Co-PI) have been awarded $130,000 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for their research on “Planning and Prototyping a Community-Wide Software Architecture Instrument.” This is a joint two-year project with the University of Southern California and Rochester Institute of Technology. The award comes from the NSF’s Division of Computing and Network Systems, which supports research and education activities that invent new computing and networking technologies and that explore new ways to make use of existing technologies.

According to the award abstract: “This projects develops the plans and an initial prototype for an integration framework that assembles architecture-related techniques to enable maintenance-focused empirical research. The framework revolutionizes the future of software systems research and development. It facilitates the discovery and adoption of cutting-edge techniques and tools, and fosters much more effective university-industry collaboration than exists today.”

Read the full abstract here.