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Associate Professor of Informatics Sam Malek (PI) and Assistant Project Scientist Hamid Bagheri (Co-PI) have been awarded $499,170 by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for their research on “Efficient Formal Analysis of Evolving Software Systems.” The three-year award comes from the NSF’s Division of Computing and Communication Foundations, which supports research and education projects that explore the foundations of computing and communication devices and their usage.

According to the award abstract: “This research devises a novel, and fully automated technique for efficient analysis of evolving software systems. The principles emerging from this research provide the foundation for making formal analysis of evolving software systems less expensive to conduct and more scalable, which in turn enable the vibrant software industry to significantly improve the quality of its products. The research produces a new breed of technologies with promising benefits for reduced defect density in specifications, designs, and code, achieved at reasonable cost, and within the constraints of real industrial settings.”

Read the full abstract here.