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Bren Chair and Professor of Computer Science Ramesh Jain has received the 2016 IEEE MultiMedia Best Department Article Award for his article, “Let’s Weave the Visual Web.” The award, along with the Best Paper Award, recognizes the most profound contributions made to IEEE MultiMedia research magazine that year. The magazine’s editorial board selects winners annually.

Let’s Weave the Visual Web” explores the evolution of visual documentation on the web and its future, noting the effort toward nonlinear navigation for online visual media. It discusses the many research and development challenges—and the applications attempting to address such challenges—in building a web that links all visual documents connected to other visual and nonvisual documents.

IEEE MultiMedia is one of the first journals to cover many media types, including image processing, video processing, audio analysis, text retrieval and understanding, data mining and analysis, and data fusion. “Over the past 20 years, it has inspired tens of thousands of researchers, professors, and students around the world,” Editor in Chief of IEEE MultiMedia Yong Rui says. “It has also helped initiate and shape some of the major research themes and events in the multimedia field, including digital libraries, content-based image retrieval, Web-scale image search, multi-model and multimedia sensor fusion, social media and multimedia, and mobile multimedia.”

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