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The Department of Homeland Security, under a subcontract of the Hughes Research Laboratories (HRL), has awarded Chancellor’s Professor of Computer Science Gene Tsudik $300,000 for his project, “Secure Remote Attestation and Over-the-Air Software Updates for CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems).” The three-year project will focus on software and hardware co-design for the security of automotive Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) components. The research specifically aims to develop techniques to mitigate remote malware and physical side-channel attacks.

HRL is recognized as one of the world’s premier physical sciences and engineering research laboratories. “Our research collaborations with our LLC Member companies, government, commercial and academic institutions are realizing groundbreaking advances in ultra-high-performance circuitry, robust computing and communications, automated data extraction, and innovative architected materials,” HRL notes on its website. “Our technologies operate in space, on aircraft, in automobiles, and in a variety of consumer products. These technologies make us safer, support our national security and improve our quality of life.”